T.H.E.M. Announces Completion of Hartness 100 Units Per Minute Machine to Run ZipBox® Resealable Package

By on Friday, April 4th, 2014

Technical Help in Engineering and Marketing (T.H.E.M.), a leading provider of flexible packaging solutions in North America, recently announced the availability of a new high-speed cartoner for the manufacturing of ZipBox®, an innovative resealable hybrid package.

ZipBox was developed by T.H.E.M. in conjunction with its global technology and commercialization partner, the Zip-Pak Division of Illinois Tool Works Inc. (ITW). It provides a high-impact, efficient means of marketing a wide range of consumer products. Zipbox combines the stability of a carton with the convenience of a resealable flexible package, eliminating the need for a separate inner liner. The folding carton and resealable “press-to-close” header are heat-sealed together to create a robust package that requires no inner bag.



Zipbox® Presentation By T.H.E.M.’S Kozarsky And ITW’s Kelly Creates Buzz At The 2013 Packaging Conference

By on Wednesday, February 20th, 2013

The advantages of Zipbox®, an innovative packaging solution, generated great interest at the 2013 Packaging Conference held on February 4-6 in Atlanta, GA. The event, billed as the event “where business opportunities and technology meet,” was host to some of the most respected and diverse organizations in the packaging industry with more than 300 individuals in attendance.


Zipbox® To Be Featured At The 2013 Packaging Conference

By on Tuesday, January 8th, 2013

Neil Kozarsky, President of the North American leader in innovative packaging solutions, T.H.E.M., has been announced as a featured speaker at The 2013 Packaging Conference, February 4-6, in Atlanta, GA. Kozarsky, an industry visionary and pioneer in leading-edge packaging solutions will be joined by Frank Kelly from Illinois Tool Works Inc. (ITW) for a presentation about Zipbox, a joint venture between T.H.E.M. and the Zip-Pak division of ITW.