Snapsil® Easy-Open Portion Pack Showcased at Thin Wall Packaging 2014

By on Wednesday, June 25th, 2014

Tom Martin, VP New Business Development for T.H.E.M. (Technical Help in Engineering and Marketing), a leader in flexible packaging solutions, presented a comprehensive overview of the Snapsil package at the 2014 Thin Wall Packaging Conference, May 20-21, in Chicago, IL. Martin’s presentation was titled, “Snap-Opening Blister Technology: An Emerging Player in N.A. Single-Serve.”

Download Tom Martin’s presentation:
Snap-Opening Blister Technology:
An Emerging Player in N.A. Single-Serve.

Snapsil is a semi-rigid container that features a patented, audible “snap-opening” function allowing consumers to conveniently open the package and dispense its contents with one hand. The Australian-based Snapsil Corporation has developed a range of creative dispensing designs, enabling simple and controlled product release for a variety of unit-dose and single-serve consumer products.

These include: energy drinks, condiments, salad dressings, hotel amenities and personal and beauty care products.

T.H.E.M. supports the Snapsil partnership with product evaluation, testing and contract manufacturing services in North America, while Multivac, a leading supplier of packaging machinery solutions, provides the production technology and equipment.

The international conference, attended by speakers and delegates from three continents, offered a unique networking opportunity for leading food companies, retailers, packaging manufacturers, researchers, and suppliers of the industry to interact and discuss the latest developments and market trends in lightweight plastics packaging. Martin commented. “It was a great opportunity to tell the story of how Snapsil can create marketplace opportunities, drive customer preference, and increase market share for the diverse products represented by those in attendance.”

Martin’s presentation included an overview of Snapsil technology and materials, customization opportunities, manufacturing equipment, sustainability benefits data, multi-generational consumer insights, and results of focus group testing. “The audience was quick to recognize broad potential for Snapsil for a variety of product types and consumer demographics,” Martin commented. “And, they all had fun ‘snapping’ open a sample package that we handed out prior to the presentation.”

Attendees representing consumer brands in the beverage, snack, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and even household products categories all took note of the ingenuity and functionality of the package. “The feedback was overwhelmingly positive,” Martin added. “Attendees praised Snapsil’s excellent barrier properties, economics of form, and viewed the package as a prime example of what innovation in the thermoforming process can achieve.”

Martin hinted at a number of pending product launches in North America featuring Snapsil packaging, such as a water enhancer, a nutritional product, and even a liquid coffee.

In recent focus group testing, participants praised Snapsil’s audible “snap” sound that indicates the product is being opened for the first time, its ease-of-use and the inherently fun and interactive nature of the package.

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