T.H.E.M. CEO to Present Snapsil® One-Handed Easy-Open Technology at Pack Expo 2014

By on Friday, October 17th, 2014

Neil Kozarsky, CEO and President of Technical Help in Engineering and Marketing (T.H.E.M.), will deliver a presentation on Snapsil®, a new, easy-open thermoformed packaging technology on Tuesday, November 4, 11:30 am, at Pack Expo 2014, Chicago, IL at the Bemis Company exhibit, South Hall, Booth 3705. An In-Booth Education Segment, Kozarsky’s presentation is titled, Convenience in a Snap:  Packaging’s Disruptive One-Handed Opening Category.

Snapsil semi-rigid containers featuring a patented audible “snap-opening” function and allow consumers to open the package with one hand. Introduced in North America through a joint effort between T.H.E.M., Bemis, Multivac, and Australian-based Snapsil Corporation, these innovative containers are available in a range of creative dispensing designs that enable

simple and controlled product release for a variety of unit-dose and single-serve consumer products. The snap-opening function is integrated into the lower web of the thermoformed pack. There is no requirement for any type of perforation of the film in the opening area of the portion pack. This provides unrestricted barrier properties for package contents.

Kozarsky will present on the growing “convenience movement” as it relates to consumer preference for easy-opening and easy-to-use packaging formats like Snapsil. His talk will also feature important considerations for system and supply chain requirements to successfully bring this new packaging technology to market.

T.H.E.M. is supporting the Snapsil package in North America with product evaluation, testing and contract packaging services for initial trial, test market and higher volume commercial production runs. Snapsil portion packs are produced on MULTIVAC thermoforming packaging machines. T.H.E.M. recently installed a MULTIVAC machine at its Marlton, NJ contract packaging facility specifically designed to run Snapsil packaging.

The Snapsil pouch made its commercial debut in a single-serve offering of tomato ketchup. With a comprehensive array of configurations, the package is also suitable for a number of branded food, beverage, spirits, personal care, healthcare and household products. Snapsil has also been tested by the Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI), and has been awarded the “Ease of Use” quality seal.

In focus group testing, consumer feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with participants expressing genuine appreciation for the audible “snap” sound that indicates the product is being opened for the first time, delivering a reassuring indicator of freshness. Focus group members also praised the ease-of-use and inherently fun, interactive nature of the package.

“We are very excited to support Snapsil, Bemis, and other supply chain partners in bringing this innovative package to North America,” Kozarsky commented. “This is a truly remarkable package design, which fully exemplifies consumers’ growing thirst for convenience. We anticipate broad market application for single-serve and portion-specific products. Energy drinks, hotel amenities, salad dressings, and of course a variety of beverage products and enhancers, are just a few of the possibilities for Snapsil.”

Ongoing Snapsil demonstrations will be conducted throughout the show at the Bemis Company exhibit, in addition to the T.H.E.M. exhibit, South Hall, Booth 4107.

Snapsil represent the latest in a series of successful North American package introductions developed in partnership with T.H.E.M and other supply chain partners. Working in conjunction with Sanko Machinery Corporation, T.H.E.M. successfully launched flexible stick packaging in North America. More recently, T.H.E.M. partnered with Zip-Pak to introduce the Zipbox® resealable carton.

T.H.E.M.’s NJ-based facility provides contract manufacturing and packaging services for a number of global consumer brands and retailers in the form of flexible stick packs, pouches and other single-use flexible packaging formats. In addition to food and beverage products, the company supports nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, personal care products, and energy supplements.

The company’s contract packaging operations accommodate both liquid and dry products, and are designed to take customers from initial trial run, to scale-up, to full commercial production, in addition to supporting product line extensions and seasonal promotions. T.H.E.M.’s facility is FDA-registered, Kosher and USDA Organic certified, and also certified to package dietary supplements. Recently the plant obtained Safety Food Quality (SQF) Level 2 Certification.  In addition to contract packaging, T.H.E.M. also provides R&D and engineering services, as well as flexible packaging machinery.

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