Liquid & Paste Packaging Machinery

T.H.E.M.’s liquid and paste packaging machines are cutting edge, state-of-the-art, high performance machines, suitable for mass production and their compact designs are ideal for saving space for installation. They are built for making tandem packs – powder on one side and liquid or paste on the other.

Liquid Paste Packaging Machinery

ZERO 1 sigma

The ZERO 1 is a high performance, economical liquid filling machine. Its package length can be changed simply by changing seal bars, without altering the seal rollers themselves. Shape and width of the horizontal seal, including intricate seal patterns, can be changed simply by altering horizontal seal rollers without removing bearings at both ends. It includes a packaging speed of 30 to 600 packages per minute. A heater is built in the second horizontal sealing roll. Therefore, material that is prone to generate bubbles, such as oil and vinegar, can be sealed in steadily, which enhances the performance and quality of the liquid filling machine, while also mitigating any potential complications.

ZERO 1 sigma demonstration video

ZERO 1 sigma

FC 1000LP

The Sanko FC 1000LP is the perfect solution for liquid filling in a stick package. This liquid filling machine features precision digital controls, significantly reduces contamination, and is ideal for packaging liquids of any viscosity. This machine is ideal for liquids of any viscosity since the filling nozzle moves up or down in synchronization with the horizontal sealing device. The fluctuation of speeds, upper and lower stop positions, and timing of the filling nozzle can be controlled digitally. Contamination of the sealed surfaces with the liquid has been significantly reduced, since the distance from the pump to the horizontal sealing device has been reduced by installing the pump on the top of the machine.

FC 1000LP


The FR-3 is a high quality, high speed pouch packaging machine for liquid and paste. Unlike conventional machines where the sealing pressure is determined on the basis of an operator’s skill and experience, the FR-3 stores numerical packaging data for each product to be packaged, so the machine is adaptable for each different package and can be operated directly by the numerical control system. Change of bag length and adjustment of the position of the I-notch, perforation, and cutoff can be made by simply tapping the 9.5” LCD touch panel display. Fine adjustments can be made in a similar way, even while the machine is operating.

Standard features of the FR-3 include heat-resistant, lubricaiton-free bearings, non-backlash gears, packaging film automatic centering mechanism, and a rotary connector for the attachment of a heater. Among the machine’s many available options are an automatic side wobble control system, liquid flow meter, definite quantity divider and definite quantity shutter.


The MR-10 is a liquid and paste filling machine that is highly suitable for diversified small-lot production. In its standard configuration, the MR-10 features a photocell type pattern matching device, film joint detector, film end stop device, a heater for second horizontal sealing roll, I-notching device, and cutter. A packaging film shaft forward-backward moving device can can be programmed and changed through the operational panel.The MR-10’s extensive memory can store data for a complete range of operational items including bag length, packaging speed, sealing temperature, cutting position, position of perforation, and position of printing. In total, data for more than 30 items can be stored in the MR-10’s memory.

A list of more than 40 options available for the MR-10 includes a perforation device, packaging film shortage warning device, preset number divider, vertical sealing heater, vertical four-side sealing, vertical slitter, air compressor and centralized monitoring system. Also offered are a calendar timer, leakage detector, and several printer options, as well as a variety of pumps including rotary, cascade, hyper and high-speed intermittent (servo-type).