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Exclusive Representation of Sanko Stick Pack Machinery Co. Since 1996

As the North American leader in stick packaging solutions, T.H.E.M. has experience with a wide range of product applications across many diverse market segments.

Machinery is just one component of the overall production and distribution infrastructure. An effective stick packaging program also requires the cohesive integration of support, service and engineering to ensure a successful and profitable venture.

Working in conjunction with Sanko Machinery Co.– the inventor of stick packaging and largest manufacturer of stick packaging machinery in the world – and in conjunction with a number of supply chain partners and specialists, T.H.E.M. offers North American marketers affordable and rapid access to a complete stick packaging solution.

This alliance, known as The Sanko Solution®, allows clients to minimize capital and start-up costs with low risk access to flexible packaging that has been adapted to American standards and engineered to client requirements.

The Sanko Stick Pack Solution® fully supports customers with:

  • Equipment specification and selection
  • Engineering services
  • Access to capacity, trained operators, and total supply chain management

Market leader of Stick Pack Technologies in North America

T.H.E.M., the stick pack authority, has helped to America’s leading brands into convenient, portable, single-serve packaging. Stick packs are the perfect solution for ‘on the go’ consumers of all ages and a popular package option for powdered beverage brands, snack items, nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, personal care, and healthcare products.

Systems integration

T.H.E.M. assists clients with combining a primary packaging machine process (i.e., stick packaging) with a secondary component process (i.e., cartons, pouches, canisters, etc.) in labor-intensive or more automated environments, up to and including the use of robotics.

Turnkey solutions

The Sanko Solution® offers North American marketers affordable and rapid access to complete, turnkey, flexible packaging solutions. Our alliances allow clients access to an array of packaging systems and solutions backed by vast engineering and production expertise.