Leadership Team

Neil Kozarsky, CEO and President

As President of T.H.E.M., Neil Kozarsky, frequently travels the globe searching for innovative packaging technologies to introduce to the American marketplace. His leadership resulted in the introduction of the stick pack to the North American market and T.H.E.M.’s continued success. Above all else, Neil values a commitment to preparation, performance and excellence. This dynamic CEO possesses an unending desire for achievement, while holding himself, and T.H.E.M. to a higher standard. His uncompromising approach is epitomized by the company’s propensity for reinventing global packaging trends and continually evolving as a leading edge company.

As a result of Neil’s vision, T.H.E.M. has remained a leader in packaging trends, innovative formats and complementary support technologies across international markets. He has fostered a company culture of excellence, which has helped to uniquely position T.H.E.M. within the global packaging industry.

Steve Belko, Vice President

The Vice President of T.H.E.M., Steve Belko, is widely regarded as one of the leading figures in North American consumer packaging. Steve has led countless new package introductions for top food and beverage organizations over a stellar career that spans over two decades. In addition to numerous patents awarded and packaging system innovations he has helped to achieve, Steve provides invaluable thought leadership to key decision-makers throughout the industry.

John Caporaso, Vice President of Supply Chain

Degreed Packaging Engineer and Food Scientist R&D leader with a diverse background in packaging, product development and innovation with management experience at Unilever, Nabisco and Campbell Soup Company. Big company discipline complemented by intuition resulting from years of independent consulting to a wide range of Food and Beverage companies, suppliers, entrepreneurs and expert witness engagements. Success in launching complex new products, commercializing new technology and building talented R&D organizations.