Zipbox® To Be Featured At The 2013 Packaging Conference

By on Tuesday, January 8th, 2013

Neil Kozarsky, President of the North American leader in innovative packaging solutions, T.H.E.M., has been announced as a featured speaker at The 2013 Packaging Conference, February 4-6, in Atlanta, GA. Kozarsky, an industry visionary and pioneer in leading-edge packaging solutions will be joined by Frank Kelly from Illinois Tool Works Inc. (ITW) for a presentation about Zipbox, a joint venture between T.H.E.M. and the Zip-Pak division of ITW.

Zipbox packaging combines the consumer-preferred attributes of flexible and rigid packaging into a novel combination of materials that is both value adding and consumer-intuitive. It offers the ideal solution to the long-standing consumer need for easily resealing a package and maintaining product freshness after opening.

“It’s an honor to be selected to speak at one of the most significant packaging events of the year.” Kozarsky said, “Those in attendance are some of the most important and influential people in the packaging industry. This initial Zipbox success story will provide them with an excellent opportunity to view its technical advancements and the opportunities that Zipbox represents in today’s highly challenging economy.”

The 2013 Packaging Conference, now in its sixth iteration, has grown in both recognition and attendance every year. The event is billed as a unique and exciting confluence of networking, technology and innovation, “where business opportunities and technology meet.”

Kozarsky and Kelly’s joint presentation will include an overview of Zipbox technology, scalability and the manufacturing process, and consumer research findings. Also included will be a report on the initial consumer application, Plantation Brand Sugar that will highlight a production and supply chain overview, initial marketplace results and comparative economics.

“In Zipbox, T.H.E.M. and Zip-Pak have joined forces to offer a turn-key solution for a packaging innovation of tomorrow that’s ready to go to market today.” Kozarsky offered, “Frank Kelly and I are looking forward to highlighting its significant potential with all those in attendance at the conference.”