Powder Granule Packaging Machinery

T.H.E.M.’s powder and granule packaging machines provide the highest quality results. They come equipped with a microcomputer, making it easy to change settings. Each high performance machine is extremely economical. These leading powder and granule packaging machines feature a number of highly desirable capabilities. There is a high speed rotary packaging machine that features a compact space saving design. Also available are a multiple-string powder packaging machine and a specialized model for accumulating small packs into large bags.


The R202V is multi-lane, four-side sealing machine, and multiple string powder packaging machine. The R202 type creates the mass production that was designed to cut powder. It can be equipped with a photoelectric tube device that enables a beautiful finish. … Continue reading


The FP-500 is a high-speed horizontal type rotary packaging machine and automated pouching line. Its affordability and space saving qualities are achieved by selecting the standard functions to optimize the machine. Camera switches simplify the timing adjustment and the mark … Continue reading

MC101/MC303 SV101/SV303

The MC101, MC303, SV101, and SV303 are vertical type three-side-seal packaging machines. Thanks to a built-in microcomputer, setting of the pitch can can eaily be changed. The machines can be connected to a variety of material feeding devices and peripheral … Continue reading