Stick Packaging Machinery

T.H.E.M.'s stick packaging machinery is among the best-selling in the world and features a wide range of capabilities. The FC series machines are simple, compact and deliver high performance. They are designed for packaging many kinds of products with settings and changes done via a touch panel, allowing for differing package lengths and mark control.

FC-1000L/S – Multi-Lane High Speed Vertical Powder or Liquid Stick Packaging Machine

The FC-1000L/S is a cutting edge stick pack machine that delivers a wide range of packaging solution benefits. This is the definitive machine for manufacturing stick packs, and is the best-selling machine in the world. It has a wide array of advantages … Continue reading

FC-1000LP – Liquid Stick Packaging Machine

This automatic stick-type filling and packaging machine for liquid is designed for packaging viscous products. This machine is ideal for liquids of any viscosity since the filling nozzle moves either up or down in synchronization with the horizontal sealing device. … Continue reading

FC 800 – Multi-Lane Vertical Stick Packaging Machine

The FC 800’s simple settings and changes through a touch panel allow for package length and mark control. Customer requirements are met and exceeded with the wide ranging benefits of the FC 800. Simply pressing the touch panel can alter … Continue reading

FC80 – Vertical Stick Packaging Machine

The FC80 is a machine that is easy to operate. Setting and changing bag length are performed by simply pressing a touch panel. Box motion operations can be set to the optimum conditions for the material to be charged since … Continue reading